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Fish Oil and CML **

Hiya just a quick question regarding is it alright to take fish oil (specifically Cod Liver Oil) tablets whilst actively on Nilotinib daily? Thanks in advance.


Check out the thread on “Fish Oil and Dasatinib” for more info on Fish Oil.  A Clinical trial is getting underway on EPA-only Fish Oil with every type of TKI.  (Personally, I stay away from any fish oil that contains DHA, which is explained also on that thread). 


Sarah - Where is the clinical trial and when does it start?

OK, really tech dumb here.  How do I search your posts?

Hi Kat - 

At present, search functionality is limited to key words - so you can just enter "fish oil" into the search box. There's no way to look at an individuals post history at the moment. It's on our to-do list, but as ever time and funding is tight!


Try this link...

...if it still doesn't work then search with the trial number i.e  NCT04006847 .... that worked for me.




I used to take fish oil daily before my diagnosis so I can say it didn't prevent me from getting it.  


My first Oncologist told me to stop taking it so I did.  The only reason I took it before was due to bad cholesterol, that has since resolved itself either due to the TKI and/or healthier diet.

Thanks, Sandy, for this.  I was very interested to read the part about how they measure whether the stem cells have been nailed.  I wish these two years would hurry up!


I’m curious what type of fish oil you were taking before diagnosis.  Did it have a combination of EPA and DHA?  Or was it only EPA?