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LDH levels

My chart at MD Anderson range is 135 - 214 U/L.  Last blood work went up to 276.  Anyone who lowered their lvl by diet I would like to know what they increased and or took away from diet.  What was found on the web was basically cutting sugar and flour intake helps so I can and will do that.  Omega 3 oils as well but how much?  Wanting to hear from folks on TKIs.  I take Bosulif 300mg each morning.  


Thank you!

My numbers actually went down once I started Imatinib, I don't know if it is from the drug or from eating healthier (still not where I want to be though).  Really the only changes I made was eliminating the typical American diet and going more Mediterranean (Italian, Greek)/Middle-Eastern/Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai).  

I can tell you that sugar is a poison, here is so much research (search on "sugar addiction") out there that has come to this conclusion.  Check out the documentary Fed Up ( to learn more.