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Blood Test


Just had blood drawn this morning from LAB CORP.

Four tests:  WBC .CMP,  FISH(IS) and  ABL/BCR Quantatative PCR etc..

Will post results in the next week or so when they come in.

Praying the numbers drop back down again!

June  numbers were not good : 1.146 on ABL/BCR and 2.5 on FISH (IS) after being ND for over 6 months prior on 50 MG daily of Sprycel..

On the lower dosage of 20mg daily of Sprycel now for approx 64 days after being off of the  50mg for 35 days prior from plural effusion etc.

For whatever its worth, I have been also eating 2 brazil nuts every day for the past month :)



Look forward to seeing your results. I am optimistic for you!