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Diabetes type 2 and imatinib

There was a flurry of papers and news articles in 2006 speculating that imatinib may lead to a treatment for diabetes type 2.

Researchers in the United States and in South Korea found that imatinib controls PPARy, which lowers the level insulin resistance and thus reduces the risk of hyperglycemia and obesity. PPARy affects how the body metabolizes glucoses and stores fat, and also affects immune and inflammatory responses.

I have diabetes type 2 albeit well controlled.

I am wondering whether there is anyone else here with diabetes type 2 and taking imatinib who has experienced an improvement in blood sugar results, especially HbA1c.

Correspondingly,  I have seen papers that suggest that the diabetes drug metformin may work  hand-in-hand with imatinib to produce an overall anti-leukaemic effect.