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Cml is genetic or not


Cml is genetic or not......may I go for marriage and children's ...thanks

It is genetic, but it is not hereditary - you cannot pass it on to your children.


David I didnt understand it is genetic but not pass to children's.......please suggest me may I go for marriage or not

Yes - you can get married. You can have children. They will grow up and be successful.

CML is a bone marrow stem cell disease involving a mutation of blood stem cells. Having children involves DIFFERENT stem cells - unrelated to blood stem cells. They are unaffected by CML.


When your CML is under control, there’s nothing you can’t do. Including marriage and children! 

CML is caused by a genetic mutation in your bone marrow. You weren’t born with it, and the mutation is in your bone marrow not your sperm so you cannot pass it on.