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Discontinuation of 3rd Tki

Hello to all 😁

I have now had to stop Dasatinib due to worsening cardio respiratory problems. 
I had an undiagnosed problem prior to being diagnosed with luekemia which now looks like it may be pulmonary hypertension.  Are any of you that take nilotonib having cardio respiratory problems as a side effect?


Sorry to hear about this Mick.  I started on 600 mg/day of nilotinib 3 years ago at Dx.  While I had a slew of nasty side effects that led to 3 successive dose reduction to 150 mg/day, none caused any cardio respiratory problems.  I did and still do have some benign heart arrhythmia, but that is all now that I am on the lower dose. If you're PCR level is at or better than .1% (MMR) you should discuss starting nilotinib at a lower dose, say 450 or 300 mg/day.  It worked fine for me as I have now been at > MR4.5 for 2.5 years.  Good luck

Thanks for the reply 😁

good to hear you are responding well!!👍🏻

it’s reassuring to hear it may not exacerbate heart/lung conditions!

hopefully they may start at lower dose if that option is used.  I have to see transplant team to discuss options so not sure which way it may go at the moment.