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Thinning hair

My apologies if this topic has been addressed. Is anyone experiencing hair thinning with  imatinib?

I have hair thinning on Nilotinib which is basically Imatinb but x30 stronger. Apparently. I am 37 still have a full head but it’s defo thinner. Especially the early days. I’ve lost a lot of pubic hair most noticeable on my legs.

You'll get used to it.

Take care

Imatinib seems to do all sorts to hair. I know of people who said it made their straight hair go curly, and other weirdness. Imatinib made my hair go very dark. All the little bits of grey I had went away and everyone thought I was dying my hair!

”Unusual hair loss or thinning” is considered a “common” side effect, according to the Glivec (branded imatinib) patient information leaflet so it’s certainly not unusual.



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Thanks so much for the info.

Actually menopause took care of my leg hair and already started contributing to thinning hair on my head.

May I ask if you took imatinib initially? If so why are you now taking nilotinib?




I had the same problem but with nilotinib.The first 3 months I was loosing a lot of head hair and my eyebrows almost disappeared but now after one year are much better.Hope the same for you!

Hi Vicky,

I never have had eyebrows, so no loss there. None the less, all these messages are encouraging. I don't intend to be vain. I am just curious about what others have experienced.

Thanks so much for your reply.


I'm also on Nilotinib, 4.5 months now, I have seen some increased hair loss too (nothing too serious, but definitely more than before).

But in the last few weeks I think it has reduced, so it's probably temporary.