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Hello everybody have not been on line for quite a while but i would love some advice if at all possible,i experiencd a sudden bout of the above during the night and i am trying to find a cause for this.I ate an apple pie made with lots of sugar  and wonder if this could be a cause .I have been on Imatinib for  2.5 years also i suffer from Diverticulitis any input would be greatly received thanks very much


Hi there.

Ive been on treatment for 19months and get bouts of the above and constipation from time to time. I’ve recently been having probiotics as recommended by someone else and my “gut” feels so much better. Wind has reduced a massive amount too which my wife is pleased about. I am on Nilotinib structurally very similar to Imatinib.

Hope you find a resolve.


thanks Alex very much for your reply