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Tasigna + some other pills!

Hi all,

I have been on Tasigna for about 6 months. Due to my last blood tests, I had to add a couple of extra pills to my daily routine, and now I'm up to 8 (including the 4 capsules of tasigna).

I realized I have trouble keeping up and synchronizing with nilotinib fasting.

My pills are the following:

  • Nilotinib morning dose (8.30 AM)
  • Iron supplement (just started due to low ferritine, I don't know what to do with this. I initially took it together with morning tasigna, now moved before going to bed)
  • T4 (5mg) for autoimmune thyroid disease (just started due to elevated TSH, currently trying to take this pill half an hour before lunch)
  • D3 supplement (currently trying to consume immediately after lunch)
  • Allopurinol 100mg (perscribed by my hematologist, currently trying to consume immediately after lunch)
  • nilotinib evening dose (8.30 PM)

Immediately after starting the iron supplement, constipation kicked in (absolutely expected). I am quite frustrated about forgetting some of them (except nilotinib, I cannot really forget that!! :P )


  • Could/Should I be taking either the iron supplement or T4 together with my nilotinib morning dose? Or should I avoid every other pill/supplement? If possible, I would prefer to have T4 in the morning, since I eat my breakfast around 10AM and it's usually yogurt, so that doesn't go together with iron.
  • Iron and T4 should be hours apart, according to my endocrinologist. I don't know what to do with the iron. Is the idea to take it before going to bed a good one?
  • Is timing gonna help with the constipation issue? I think nilotinib +iron do the trick...





Koralia - This is tough.  I'll let others advise, except to say that I have come to separate my levothyroxine from my TKI on general principles, but as I say, others may chime in here.  The only reason I popped in here is to ask, why the allopurinol?  If it was initially prescribed during the first few weeks of starting the TKI, that was to support your system while the dead CML cells cleared out.  If that was the reason for the prescription, it most certainly could be dropped now.  But, maybe you are taking it for gout?

Hi Kat,

indeed you are correct, allopurinol was started immediately after DX. I agree with you that it could be dropped now, but apparently my doctor doesn't :P

What can you do!! :D