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Rash and imatinib


How are you handling the fine rash that develops with imatinib? I have been using OTC cortisone cream. It is mostly on my back.

I’m sure you know this already, but don’t use that cream on your face. 

I have used things like diprobase in the past, which is very good for keeping your skin moisturised if it’s a dry rash.


Thanks David. I do use a moisturizer, but it is a bit more than just dry skin. I don't have it on my face.


Is this pretty common? I am wondering how many others develop this rash? If you have had it, does it resolve eventually? Or did you change meds or dosages?

I developed a big brown spot on my forehead never did clear up. The Dermatologist said it was just because I was getting a little older. Once I switched to Spycel it went completely away. Of course now I have other side effects from the Sprycel.