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Hello, my first post and yes it’s a question. Has anybody with CML been able to have a body massage or facial? I have contacted my Consultant for a letter after he stated I could now have the above procedures but, the message has come back he’s not happy to provide the letter for my Beauty salon. His suggestion was to ask on the forum group??!! It will be without the use of aromatherapy oils. can anybody help please??


Hi.  I was diagnosed November 14th 2019 and  have had at least 4 massages in those 6? weeks.  It’s totally possible that there are circulatory or other issues the massage therapist is concerned about, but I’ve made massage a huge part of my life post Dx.  I have had acupuncture as well.  I haven’t heard any restrictions on any activity with my CML.  

Maybe there are other factors that would make massage unsafe for you, but it is a major stress reducer for me, and I need as much stress reduction as I can get these days.  

As far as facials are concerned, I am discovering  that my skin is VERY sensitive on dasatinib  and products I’ve been using for years now burn my skin.  So personally I am going to avoid facials.  

it also doesn’t sound ok to me that your Dr is kind of washing his hands of the situation....

Maybe show information on other cancer centers that endorse massage?  I’ve pasted a link below from Penn Medicine where I am being treated.



Hi Wendy,

We’ve had this question before, and it was a question I asked my haematologist in the early days because I love a massage. I’ll give you the simple answer.

It’s absolutely 100% fine* to have a massage. The caveat is at early stages when your spleen is still enlarged ... you don’t want someone squishing that. So if you are newly diagnosed, you can have a leg, head, shoulder massage but best to stay away from the thorax. Once you are in CCyR it’s just up to whatever you feel like.


Hi David, Thanks for the reply. I was diagnosed March 2019. Imatinib complete failure after first 3 months. Nilotinib has had a response, blood test was Monday just the long wait for results to come back, hoping for a good response again. My beautician will not give the massage without the consent off the Consultant, but I will take the answers back to him, you never know, maybe I will get that all important massage 💆‍♀️ 


Massage away! I've had monthly massages for several years and no issues. I tried "cupping" for some reason a few years back and I had an onc appointment the next day. He asked what the red marks were, they were in two straight lines down my back, and when I told him he suggested that while massage was fine perhaps I should skip the cupping. For the life of me I can't remember the reason he gave, sorry about that.

I'm not sure I could give up massages for any reason!