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I was diagnosed with CML one year ago. (69 yr old female) Have been taking 400mg of imatinib mesylate daily. Side effects have not been too bad and some are easing up. I have developed a chronic nagging cough over the last six months or so. Getting to be a real issue as it interrupts my sleep every night. Had chest X-ray and doctor says my lungs are clear. Have tried allergy meds, inhaler, and even antacids but none of these have helped at all. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? Any suggestions on how to deal with this?  Thanks so much. I’m new to the support group but know it will be helpful

Have you tried using a humidifier in your bedroom? My children often have a cough, and it really helps them. 

You need one suitable for the size of your bedroom. Tiny ones won’t really make much difference. 


Are you taking any other medicines that could cause a cough? I only mention this because I had the same issue and Ramipril proved to be the cause.