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Eyes fold, burning


I am on imatinib (Veenat 400 mg) 4 years.
Now my RQ-PCR is 0.015
ESR 84
Hemoglobin 11.2
Last 1 year my both eyes are burning, drop Water, and when I looking angle my eyes white part fold. Before was not this problem but now day by day is increasing. My eye doctor suggested “Azelastine Hydrochloride Eye Drops” But I can not getting any positive results.
What the cause of my eyes problem?
Is it for imatinib side effect? Or is it any allergic problem? How can I down my ESR?
Thank you.

Imatinib can cause dry eyes. I don’t take imatinib, but have had dry eyes in the past and found carmellose sodium drops very effective for lubrication. 


Imatinib can cause sensitivity around the eyelids and a swelling of the tissues in that area-a condition called blepharitis.I use Blephasol which is basically a saline solution and wipe the eyelids with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in the solution twice a day (a separate swab for each eyelid).The alternative is to use sterilised boiled water at a suitable temperature instead of the saline solution.An alternative might be an organic eyewash based on plant sterols that doe not include any chemicals.

You might need to check whether you have any infection such as conjunctivitis as imatinib can cause this as well and you might need to consult a practitioner if severe.

I hope this helps