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Long time no post

I've been off the boards for some years getting on with life.  Hi to Sandy and to Scuba and anyone else from the old LLS boards who sought sanctuary over here.  I hope life is treating you all kindly.

I just wanted to drop into say that, 11 years post-diagnosis, I have finally received my first ever PCRU!  Yay!  Amazingly enough I actually stopped treatment 6 months ago after 10.5 years on Imatinib with numbers low but always detectable.  Go figure.

Philb - A blast from the past! Great to hear from you. We pretty much started on this road together. I try to stay involved mostly for new comers. We all remember the emotional roller coaster in the beginning.

So you were barely detectable, stopped Imatinib and then became PCRU. Imagine that. I have been PCRU going on 3 years now. I am taking 20 mg dasatinib every other day and sometimes I skip a few days. I am doing this deliberately to wean myself off the drug. This summer I will join you and stop completely.

Stay vigilant and enjoy all around you.

I do indeed remember the rollercoaster.  The old LLS site played such a big role in getting me through it and I enjoyed my years helping others with their journeys.  It was a wrench to leave, but I needed to do it for my mental health.  Kudos to you for keeping on and good luck with your own cessation.