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Tasigna + Exercise

Hello everyone. I have been on Tasigna for just shy of 4 years. I have noticed that it has become more difficult to exercise the longer I am on the medication, specifically regarding dehydration. Is there anyone out there taking Tasigna who participates in cardio exercise at least 2.5 hours/week that would be willing to share their diet, hydration and exercise regimen with me? The problems I experience regarding dehydration are irregular heartbeat, slight shortness of breath, and vertigo. If I take a week off from sweating/cardio and stay hydrated with water consumption, none of these symptoms are experienced. Any pointers or tips are welcome. Thank you.

Hi Alaina!
I take sprycel. I am in medication almast 4 years and I do crossfit. At almast all the workouts my hartrate is between 140-185 per min. What I do is drinking at least 2-2.5 liters of water during winter and 4-4.5 liters during summer and I don't have any problem. I never had....

Hi Alaina,

I have been on Tasigna for nearly 2 years. The last 4-5 months I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times a week doing weight training about 45mins and 20 mins of cardio at each session.

My level of fitness has really come a long way in a short time. I’ve increased muscle mass tremendously. I do however when running get shin splints. Something I’ve never had before diagnosis. So painful I have to stop running but I don’t stress over it too much, we are lucky even with these little hurdles.

I now eat a balanced diet of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. I now only eat fish and Chicken breast. I don’t eat red meat anymore. (Just my own intuition that’s it’s mostly harmful). I no longer eat fast food and I’ve cut down on processed foods also. I drink approx 2-3 litres of water a day since diagnosis as TKIS need you well hydrated.

Since my regime I’ve notice skin and hair is healthier, I am less tired/fatigued and mentally I am a different person.

I occasionally write a blog about my CML which covers how I am doing, including my fitness. Maybe it’s useful to others too.

Good luck with your training and your CML.


I have been on Tasigna since October 2016.  I have maintained and even increased my fitness regimen even when the fatigue was at its worst.  I do 2 miles a day fast walking (4 - 4.5 mph) on treadmill 5 days a week and walk 18 holes of golf (@ 5 miles) once a week. I also do light weight training 2x/week. My fitness level for my age (almost 67) is almost certainly upper quartile.  I believe strongly that fitness improves the immune system which is important for us CML'ers as well as all aging people and of course strengthens the cardiovascular system.  I have had on and off benign arrhythmia (ectopic beats) almost certainly caused by the TKI.  A few months ago, I started on a very low dose of propranolol (10 mg 2x/day) which has significantly reduced these palpitations.  I hate being on another Rx for something cause by the TKI, but such is our plight sometimes. I have been on low dose Tasigna (150 mg/day) for 2 1/2 years now, so that has also helped to significantly reduce side effects.

My diet is 90 - 95% whole foods, mostly fish, pasta, fruit, nuts, eggs and veggies with an occasional hamburger and an even less occasional pizza (even Scuba treats himself sometimes).  I drink only water, probably 2 quarts a day.  Sounds like you need to hydrate more and drinking water all day long is a good way to do that.  

Ok, thank you snowman. I will be more mindful of my water intake.

I started off drinking 3 Liters of water per day 4 years ago. After reflecting, I believe I'm now only drinking 1.5 Liters per day. I didn't have these symptoms when I first began Tasigna. Thought maybe it was due to years of med use. But maybe it's not and simply my decreased water intake. Thank you.

I decided to see a cardiologist for the irregular beat thing. He said I have mitral valve prolapse with some regurg. Nothing I didn't already know. He offered a prescription for a beta blocker but unless it gets out of control, I'd rather avoid another prescription. (Similar to your reasoning).

Pizza is my weakness and certainly to blame for these pesky ten pounds I can't shed. I will continue doing cardio and weights; and will make an effort to double my water intake plus keep my fingers crossed. Thanks.