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It official we my wife will be getting a bmt. All the tki’s made her CBC drop into the danger zone and her bcr came back with a 15% increase in 3 months. Any advice? 

What was the protocol process the doctor followed when her CBC dropped? Specifically what blood cell dropped? platelets? Neutrophils? other?

After the blood count dropped, what did the doctor do? halt treatment until blood counts came back? re-started at full dose when they did come back?

A BMT should be the absolutely last last resort. As long as your wife's blast cell count is low (< a few percent), she has time to have dose adjustment to enable blood counts to adjust.

(I had severe CBC suppression - severe. Each time, my doctor had me stop taking sprycel and wait until blood counts recovered. During that time, my PCR plateaued and blast cells were a few percent. He told me we (him and my body) had time to adjust. After my blood counts recovered, I re-started sprycel but at a FRACTION of the original dose. I still had suppression, but it was less severe. I stopped therapy again and then re-started at the lower dose. This happened a few more times, but finally, I was able to stay on drug and my blood counts were stable. Albeit, lower - but a new acceptable level. After staying on drug for 3 months continuously, my PCR plummeted. I am "undetected" today at 20 mg sprycel)

Typically they would stop the tki until her platelets went above 50, witch sometimes took 3 months. This is what we have fought now for a year and a half.  I believe she’s tried 5 tki’s all with the same result in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty worried and don’t know what to expect. On the positive side we found a 💯 match from a older brother.