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Need advice on treatment!


Hi everyone! I had two question regarding treatment.

First. Does anyone know the effects of being on 140 mg Sprycel for long periods of time? 

Second I had questions of why I was put on such a high dose of Sprycel.. my pcr started in

3months 5.0 pcr 100mg

6months 0.05 100mg

12 months 0.088 100mg

15 months 0.044 140mg

19months 0.027 140mg 

knowing my results would you higher my dosage based on these Pcr result? I needed someones outlook that has already been thru this situation before, thank you! 


Hi ,with those results which are brilliant ,no way would I take that dose ,there is no need for it .When I changed from Imatinib to Dasatinib my Doc wanted me to start on 100 mg but I said no way that's far too toxic for me I insisted on 50 mg .Reading Scubas posts gave me the courage to stick up for myself ,less is more ,and it worked for me undetecable now and reduced to 40 mg now hoping to go to 20 mg soon .Is your Doc a CML specialist probably not neither is mine and they are stuck in their ways .So have the conversation get that dose down , don't be bullied ,you should feel so much better then .Keep in touch ,Good Luck ,Denise.