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High risk, moderate risk.

Hi everyone, I’m just trying to work out if I’m on my own in the belief that we may all have Cml in title, but, some of us will have good reactions,and some will have  hiccups to medication , but, as far as I’m concerned I will grab the 12 week self isolation period with both hands, experts can say what they want but I have been ultra cautious for 5 years with Cml, and find corona virus extremely frightening, I work with over 70 people on the night shift, so I’m in no hurry to increase my chances of getting it. Sorry to whinge on, I will always be max. careful when it comes to MY health. Peter 

I agree Peter. I am sorry if my other post caused anxiety. As I said to friend this eve “it’s as much accepting that our treatment is that good over accepting that CML is that bad”

Which is why we worry at every test, even though statistically it tells us that 95% of us this will never be a problem. The problem we all face is that we don’t get a trophy or a badge to say welcome to 95% club even if you’re undetected.

The science says TKI doesn’t suppress our immunity.

From a psychological point of view I will exercise the 12 week isolation myself.


Hi Alex, thanks for your spot on reply, your comments on Cml Support group are always interesting and I probably need a dose of your calmness. Hope I didn’t come over as a “hothead” ps get some painting done in new house. Peter 

Hey Peter, not at all. These are anxiety inducing times. I am not always calm it takes a lot of work haha. Stay safe and stay busy.

All the best mate