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Is it Covid-19?? TKI side effects


Hi All.,

The Indian government has imposed 21st country lockdown due to covid-19. My RT PCR is due 1st week of April. Unfortunately the samples might not be collected due to the restriction.

Since few days i have been having symptoms - Fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, mild headache, cold and mild cough. I have been at home for almost 25 days now.

should i be worried of covid-19? or is this a normal CML tki effects.  I have been trying to get Basic blood tests done for TLC. unfortunately nothing at this momemt. as it a complete lockdown.


I have been on Nilotinib since a year and am in MMR4 (as of Jan2020).

Kindly suggest



If you have not had these symptoms before, they are probably not due to side effects of TKI therapy... especially as you have a cold/mild cough etc. do you have a high temp? How long have you felt these symptoms?

It is more likely that you have some kind of flu rather than COVID-19, as symptoms in most include a high temp. and persistent dry cough. If your general health is good and your white cell count is at normal levels, your immune response will be good and you will likely recover quickly.


I managed to get my blood tested. My TLC is 6300 and platelet is at 152k.

My cough and cold symtoms are since 25 days.

My last blood test had TLC - 9400 and platelet 230k. Which was 20 days back.

Bit worries about my immunity now. Kindly suggest

You should probably contact your doctor for general advice. 

Okay. Thank you. I have read somewhere that covid-19 induces leukopenia. Is that true?

Here are my differential counts. Are they fine?

Neutrophils 2.76 thou/mm3
Lymphocytes 2.50 thou/mm3
Monocytes 0.67 thou/mm3
Eosinophils 0.31 thou/mm3
Basophils 0.06 thou/mm3