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Is stevia(sweetener) OK with sprycel?

I try to have a balanced diet but quite often I need to eat something sweet(chocolate, piece o cake etc) I know that stevia instead of sugar (e.g. eat chocolate with stevia instead of sugar) is a better choice but is eat OK with sprycel? I have eaten in the past but I font know if it's OK in regular basis...

I believe EVERTHING is ok within reason just avoid the usual suspects grapefruit etc. But I believe you would have to eat copious amounts for that to be an issue. Never liked it personally so easy peasy really.


Hi, snowman, I have two cups of espresso every morning with a packet of stevia in each. I've been doing this since way before my dx in 2009 and so far so good. :) I'm pretty sure this will not effect your CML or TKI in any way. Stay safe and stay well!


Thanks a lot Hanibellemo for your response! 😊