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Hi not been on for a while but would really appreciate if someone can tell me if i can take two courses of amoxicillin in a month as i had one prescription for a mouth infection but it doesnt seem to have cleared it.


Presume that you are on one of the tkis and that the mouth infection is related to a tooth.Amoxycillin is the standard approach from dentists for infections of the mouth.A while back I had infections in two front ones and had lots of courses of the antibiotic until such time as I was able to have some root canal treatment which was not that pleasant.

Looking at the literature on drug /drug interactions it looks as if this antibiotic does not conflict with tki s.

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Sometimes a stronger string of antibiotics are needed.  This has happened to me in life life twice and the second one cleared me up.  I was treated for respiratory infection and the Amox helped but did not kick it.  Next time I needed Amox it worked just fine.  Hope get get better!



Amoxicillin is not the strongest of antibiotics around, so if it didn't work the first time it might not do much the second time for the same infection.

Amoxicillin and metronidazole are two go the "go-to" antibiotics. Perhaps you need something a bit stronger / broad spectrum than amoxicillin?

There are only a few antibiotics that shouldn't really be taken with TKIs, and they're usually macrolide antibiotics which are easily identified because they end in "mycin".