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Blue cheeses......

Does anyone eat those?  I love Bleu and Gorgonzola cheese but I read where people with CML are not suppose to ingest this type of cheese.  Would like to know if anyone has had issues eating this cheese family.





I haven't seen such a restriction before...

I eat blue cheese and roquefort, when I get to pass by them in the super market, I usually get one.

I never had any issues.

Do you know why we are not supposed to eat those?


Bleu and Gorgonzola go terrific with a baby Brunello or even a Petite Verdot blend. It's wonderful.

I have been eating this type of cheese for years and years and more so now that I tend to follow a keto type diet (which I break often because local fresh fruit is now plentiful).

Hard cheeses, like Gouda are very good for you as they are high in vitamin K2. Very important for your artery and bone health.


The strawberries are at their best.  One covers the palm of my hand and deep red and juicy.   Sugar is not needed.  I took pictures and sent them to friends in WV.....they are jealous.   Ate 3 and was stuffed!  The blueberries are huge and sweet as well.  Red raspberries always delicious 

It’s nonsense. We are perfectly able to eat those things.

People get freaked about food and CML - in my opinion it’s because if they feel they control what they eat or do not eat then they are “helping” fight the CML. Just take the TKI, and avoid grapefruits because that’s really the only “no-no” though in what quantity it becomes a problem I’m not sure.

The reason someone might tell you that you shouldn’t eat blue cheese or some other cheeses is because of the bacteria content in it. So should a newly diagnosed patient who is very neutropenic eat loads of Stilton ... maybe not as there’s an outside chance of not so pleasant bacteria in that cheese making you ill. Same reason pregnant women are advised to avoid it.

But any other CML patient who’s not neutropenic - go for it!


Hey David , 

I did see where someone pregnant is at risk.  Feta was also on the lists of cheeses to avoid.  I had been caving in on those cheeses so ergo this thread.  I did know about the grapefruit but also pomegranates, Seville oranges (used for marmalade) and cranberry juice which I had developed taste for mixed with fresh lemon and a sprig of mint.  I had no idea cranberry juice lowers platelet count.  Use to drink the 100% juice.  


You'd want to ear a lot of pomegranate to cause a problem - there's a reason it's not on the patient insert leaflets. Seville oranges are very bitter, and you wouldn't want to eat one ... and when cooked there's no problem, and even if there was you'd want to be eating the whole jar in one go.