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Hospital Appointment


Wee bit anxious about my first lockdown appointment at hospital tomorrow, BCR ABLE bloods due and I need to collect Dasatinib. I had been attending every 6weeks with the hope of coming off meds in June. Obviously that has been postponed and for now I'm happy to go back to 3 monthly testing again. I'm 5 yrs post diagnosis and after changing from Nilotinib to Dasatinib relatively side effect free.
I've been shielding for 10 weeks, my own decision as no letter from govt was forthcoming, I've had good support from family and friends and fortunate to have a garden to keep me sane, I feel a change is on the horizon and until that time keep safe and I wish you all good health.

Hi, I am surprised your doctor isn't doing telephone consultations as mine did last week. A blood test appointment was made for me at a safer hospital where I don't have to enter the actual hospital, I wore a mask ,glasses and gloves  .There was nobody waiting so I went straight in .As for my medication a courier delivered it to my home.So I had no need to worry .I hope everything goes smoothly for you ,try not to worry ,keep safe ,Regards ,Denise.

Thanks Denise, all went very well just bloods and medication today, very safe protocols in place. Even braved a visit to the on site Marks and spencer. Hope all is well with you, stay safe.

I was anxious too. Had blood draw 3 weeks ago and it was safe and well managed. I too wore a mask and gloves.

Have my PCR call with my consultant on Friday. If that wasn’t anxiety inducing enough haha.