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Anyone with CML have experience with CBD for anxiety and or pain?

After 10 months on imatinib, I started having leg pain. Someone suggested that I try CBD and that it couldn’t hurt anything. I had been taking 6 ibuprofens daily and wanted to cut back on it, if possible. I purchased good quality CBD and probably will not spend the money again. I think nights were better due to slightly better relaxation. The times I tried to take it alone for the pain, there was no noticeable relief.

i hated that it did not work for me and perhaps it does for others. My leg pain seems to lessen when I’m up and moving so I try to take a brief walk. A heating pad has also helped slightly.  It’s just one leg, so my oncologist says it is not related to the CML or imatinib. I have an MRI today so we should know more.

That said, I would try the CBD-it may work for you as we all react differently to whatever we put in our bodies. Good luck!

By the way: imatinib has been the miracle drug for me.


I would suggest that you do not take ibuprofen as research has shown that it affects the uptake of imatinib;paracetemol is better but it can elevate liver issues.

Most medics now would suggest Naproxen as a pain killer as it has less risk of gastric bleeding than diclofenac for instance.

If your specialist suggests that leg pains are not related to imatinib then I would beg to differ as it is a common side effect for many and one that I have to put up with on a regular basis -musculo- skeletal issues are a well known side effect of imatinib.You might explore if you are calcium deficient and in addition your magnesium levels may well be low.You can use a spray on magnesium supplement that applied topically will be absorbed by the skin and used over a period of time will give relief.A foot bath using Epsom salts or sea salt I find does wonders for my feet and legs.Add in stretching and outdoor  exercise and also do keep hydrated with lots of water.You might find that the natural remedies and addressing the  calcium and magnesium deficiencies might solve your pains better than pain killers.

Best wishes



Thank you for your recommendations. I will certainly try all of them. I don’t understand what the “uptake of imatinib” means.

Dr. Erba felt it was not related to the CML or imatinib because the pain was only in one leg;  he said if it were, it would be in both. I just had an MRI and am awaiting those results. What are your thoughts?

I’m responding very well to imatinib with my 9 month BCR/ABL 0.0641 with no side effects until this leg pain. The plan is to continue on it as long as possible.

I appreciate your insight into this issue.



Hi Cheryl

People absorb imatinib into their systems at different rates. Some years ago Kings College did a study of over 100 patients on 400mg  where they found blood serum concentrations of imatinib varied by a factor of 10 between highest and lowest. The way in which your system metabolises imatinib can be affected by other factors, which is why for example we are all recommended not to eat grapefruit.  

I have been on imatinib for over 10 years now, and I certainly get pains in one leg.  It's usually the left leg, but some days (I say days, but it's much more common and annoying in the night) the right leg takes its turn.  I also get similar cramp-like pains in my left arm, but not my right.  I'm sure it's imatinib to blame, but I put up with it as I don't want to change a drug that is working for me.


Thank you for sharing that with me. My pain is also at night. Still just one leg (left also) and arms are fine. 
This forum is so helpful . Thanks to everyone who contributes.



I have some pain in my left leg as well,  I take imatinib 200 mg a day for cml 14 yrs.  this month!  So a lot to be grateful  for but we really could have done without this virus, it just makes every thing more difficult. In do find some days harder than others it seems like we've had all the joy taken out of our lives.

After waiting a year to find out if I was staying or going this on top is like a bad joke.

We just have to  put up with the side affects, it's difficult when they keep changing the manufacture every 3 mths.

I tried cbd  for back pain  + found the cream helped  a bit more than the liquid. From the health shop.  Also when you can try contacting the Cavendish Centre ,34, Wilkinson street, Sheffield . s10 2gb    0114278 4600.   They help all cancer patients with complementary therapies.I found them very friendly + helpful. Might be worth a phone call,   when they are open .It's free you just give  some thing if you wish. 

Keep going  imatinib is a great drug  saving lives.  

 Every blessing    andy cat

Thanks for the information. Once again, it’s so encouraging to hear from others who have been on imatinib for such a long period of time. This site has been so helpful for me.