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I have CML and osteoarthritis taking imatinib can I take paracetamol and naproxen ? Do they interferes with platelet function?


Most medics would it seems prescribe either paracetemol and/or naproxen as pain killers. In combination with imatinib high doses of paracetemol over a period of time might put extra stress on the liver.I have not seen any evidence that naproxen interacts with imatinib but on a stand alone basis there is evidence that it might cause ulcers and also sudden and uncontrolled stomach bleeding-if you google naproxen and bleeding you can check it out.

You might find that taking a proton pump inhibitor at the same time as naproxen might reduce the risk of bleeding-perhaps you should take an opinion from your doctor.

It would not be advisable to consider taking ibuprofen in combination with imatinib as research has shown that absorption levels of imatinib are reduced and the drug is less effective .Taking aspirin together with naproxen would not be advised.because of the blood thinning effect.

The next stage up is a codeine based pain killer but that might then become addictive .

Have you thought of trying some natural based remedies such as apple cider vinegar taken with honey and lemon juice which might help with some arthritic conditions?

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I'm on Nilotinib and I have osteoarthritis of the spine. I take curcumin Meriva for pain and I feel extraordinarily good. So far, curcumin has not negatively affected blood tests.

My wife also takes Meriva for knee osteoarthritis and she feels good

Thank you for this info I take a proton pump inhibitor already to cover naproxen but one to be careful of I think.

I assume it is a brand of curcumin (which has an anti-inflammatory effect) other brands are available.