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Unusual fatigue and discomfort


Hi, cheers, hope everyone is doing well. I'm a little over three years since diagnosis, have been doing fine on Imatinib 400 mg until the last month when I've had terrible fatigue and discomfort in my belly. Last evening I had to excuse myself from an online game at 8pm because I couldn't keep my eyes open and my whole body just felt extremely weak. I missed my last three month checkup due to Covid 19, and I'm seeing my oncologist later this week after not seeing him since Christmas. So I will ask him about this of course, but I wonder if I should ask any specific questions, like could it be a Vitamin B deficiency or something like that. My labs will show how my blood is doing, but if all is well, as it has been for three years, what could cause this fatigue? And the belly pain is in the spleen area so naturally I'm worried that I've had a relapse. But maybe it's just stress or whatever. I haven't faced this before. Would appreciate any thoughts anyone has, like is this what a relapse feels like? It seems too fast for how slowly CML progresses but I can't help wondering and feeling anxious. Thank you and stay safe!