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Benifite of tfr???

What benifite of tfr???

1, I know tki side effects......

2, cost... Tki.....

Only two reason.....


risk resistance tki.... ( if resistant... Tki cost high ( imtinib free)

How many patients treatments free long time..??? ( life time ya 7 to 10 year)
No data available...

Any patient life time treatment free??

This research small data... Short time period??

Reduce dose ( take tki continue) better than tfr???

Only information purpose....

In 2018 news

Miristen 126

This is could be a major breakthrough for people who are in remission for CML because there is always a concern that the disease will come back if TKI treatment is stopped,” Zhang said. “Miristen could be the drug that sends the disease into permanent remission.”
( mice trials )

After 2018 news....

No update... No news..

Human trials??

Fail ??)

(no human trials)

In google

MANY site.... But no update.... No news...

Please reply....

Any information

Any suggestion........

All I’d say is with your results so far live your life as best you can as I’ve seen in previous posts you’re undetectable for many years (you’re extremely blessed). You’re never going to get a certificate from this to say welcome to long a lasting life on treatment or off treatment. You’re very lucky in an unlucky situation. TFR isn’t for everyone. I personally at the moment don’t crave that. We are all different and having different symptoms some worse than others so can understand those that want off the drug. For those that don’t have symptoms and have responded excellently I think it’s risky. Personally I would be a mental case and I couldn’t cope with monthly testing. 3 or 6 months is bad enough and of course the very real chance of relapse. If it targeted the naughty stem cells and sorted out our translocation you could sign me up right now.

Wanting TFR is subjective, the benefits are no more toxic meds, and or the cost to you or your medical provider, other than that I don’t see any other benefit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of thing.