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Bcr abl going up


My husband has been diagnosed with cml on October 2019,and has started 100 mg dasatinib,his pcr numbers

3 month -0.7
6 month -0.03
9 month -0.04

Haven't talked with the consultant after latest pcr result,was a little worried seeing the rise in pcr.

He has had a great response. There is really no difference in the last two results. I know of someone who has had 0.02 results for 7 years. This is truly nothing to worry about. Congrats on a great response. I hope they drop further to give you peace of mind.

Thanks for the reply.That is reassuring.We got depressed seeing the value go up.The worst part of the situation is waiting for the rest results.

These last 2 results are the same. The numbers do bob around from time to time. Alarming on paper in reality you’re in a great place. And congrats on a great result.

Waiting for PCR results never gets easier... that part sucks.


The results are the hardest part.I looked at the numbers yesterday and was totally depressed.Checking out this forum made me feel a lil better.I have to give special thanks to scuba ,checked vit d after reading his posts and my husband was severely defecient.

Gosh. I’d be chuffed with those numbers 28 months for me and no MMR yet. Numbers do bob around. If you had the same test taken in one day 2 or 3 times or blood taken from the other arm they’d all be different. 

Hi Alex,I have read your earlier are always so positive.hope you reach mmr soon.sending positive thoughts your way.

Haha thank you no not always positive but looking at the evidence it’s the only way to be. As in your husbands case, a “little” uptick is no cause for concern as I said rejoice at those numbers. Some would argue this is the same result and I’d be inclined to say the same. I know my doc would. Thank you for your kind words also.