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Has anyone had any issues taking a Testosterone booster while on Gleevec? Asking for a friend. 😉

Hi I am on imatinib 400mg for cml, also had testicular cancer as well. I am know using testogel daily with no adverse effects. Plus other mens for other conditions
Hope it helps

I too had testicular cancer, and am on Nebido injections every 12 weeks for testosterone. Never had a problem with it, other than convincing the doctors that one liver function test every  6 months by one of them is enough for both. 

I believe that the radiotherapy I had in the late 1987 for the testicular cancer is most likely the root cause of my CML diagnosed in 2007. 


I was diagnosed with very low testosterone some 15 months ago - I am on Gleevec  400 mg per day  

I started TRT therapy some 3 months ago - 40 mg per day - I have had my first bloods which are ok but still the T level is low . 

I checked all this out with my consultant at Hammersmith hospital and no adverse affects to date 


philip Collins