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Temporary imatinib stop

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone in this group stopped imatinib temporarily for 1-2 weeks for any other temporary illness and restarted again ?

can anyone let me know their experience. What was the outcome ? 

Thanks in advance!

Hi, some have stopped for couple of weeks due to severe side effects.But its not advised to stop treatment without consulting your oncologist.


Your bcr-abl report???

MY last 8-9 year report UNDETACTABLE...

Drug off 2 week no difference.. My experience .. (I think resone UNDETACTABLE 8-9 year)

With out doctor advice... Risky...

Your bcr-abl report???

You won't drop dead if you stop for two weeks, Treatment stoppage on inhibitors is common. I stopped two days ago for one week because my white bood cells were two low.I'm far from undetectable started treatment a month ago  But the doctor asked.. . You won't drop dead specially for two weeks. But don't make an habit out of it because just missing 3 doses every months can have adverse consequences for your treatment. Always talk to your doctor. CML can feel inconsequential at times but beware if you become complacent you might live to regret it.



I am on Imatinib 400. 30 days on 7 days off for 2 years, and no problems .