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Low Platelets after nearly 2 years on Dasatinib?



Diagnosed in November of 2018, I've had a relatively smooth journey with CML. Was put on 100mg Dasatanib following diagnosis. My platelets were lowish (always hovering around 100) but the last three months have seen big dips (96, 85, now 72). Has anyone else experienced this? My percentage is now undetectable, which is great, but I'm scared something is really wrong. I just got my latest results today but haven't yet heard from my hematologist. Also, I've tried the beet juice and stuff, but it doesn't seem to be helping. It's the sudden-ness of the drop that scares me. I'm 37 and otherwise healthy, but I don't understand why platelets would suddenly take this turn, seemingly out of nowhere. Kind of freaking out. Any advice?

Should mention that all my other levels (wbc, rbc, etc.) are within normal range and I feel fine physically. Nothing has changed or jumped or fallen in the last few months except for platelets. Sorry if this has been asked before.

My platelets were 140-150 then I started eating beetroots and went around 170+190...Now without eating constantly beetroots are I'm normal range(170-200)....