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Imatinib side-effect?


Hi everyone

I have been on Imatinib for 19 years on 400mg per day. I have always suffered with congestion/cough

since taking it, but it has got worse and chest is painful.  My GP is trying me on 40mg of Omeprazole for acid-reflux,

but not convinced this is the answer..  Has anyone else experienced this side-effect and if so, can they suggest what to take

to help alleviate the discomfort?


Hi. I was diagnosed in February 2015 - started 400 mg imatinib in April 2015.  I developed a horrible chronic cough - tried everything - now on Omeprazole which seem to have helped cough symptoms.  All very embarrassing when coughing in public with vivid etc - feel like a leper.   Advice - to be honest just having to live with it.  It’s worst at night.  Philip Collins London Chelsea. 

Hi Philip...I'm glad to hear Omeprazole has helped your cough.  It helped me a bit, but after 2 weeks taking 40mg per day, 

GP says it should have helped to ease my chest by now.  So, am waiting to have an x-ray to see what may be going on.  Have stopped

taking the omeprazole for now and taking occasional paracetamol to ease discomfort.  As you say,  it's embarrassing coughing in public!

Mine is worse in the morning.  Will discuss this with the Haematologist next month.