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Herbal Green Tea when on Nilotinib


Hi All.,

Is it ok to drink Herbal Green tea when on Tasigna/Nilotnib?


I am sure that would be fine, I am not aware of any contraindications of any tea - black or green


Just avoid grapefruit but the nccn guidlines says avoid all the below on any TKI:

These include:
† Turmeric
† Gingko biloba
† Green tea extract †
 St. John’s Wort

I have geen tea occasionally on Nilotinib I am not sure if that’s the same as the extract mentioned above?

I checked with my consultant about this years ago and she confirmed Green tea was fine. I also checked chamomile tea was ok too.

If in doubt ask your consultant. There are many websites with things you shouldn't eat but i have only been told about grapefruit and Seville oranges. The instructions in the packet also mentions St Johns Wort and i was advised to avoid Echinacea.