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Can excess iron intake be linked to leukemia and cancers of the lymphatic system?

I was referred to a source of curious articles and thought one of them could be of interest:

In summary, the article talks about the dangers of iron and briefly mentions it as being potentially linked to leukemia, though this is not the main focus of the article nor does it specifically mention CML. In any case, you might find the article interesting since it gives some background to the topics being discussed (anemia, iron supplementation, etc).

Nobody ever gave me an answer as to what causes CML, being honest that doesn't matter that much now as it did in the first year of treatment. However, when I come across as something that resembles a possible answer I like taking a look at it.

Thanks for the article, I am going to read it. Like you I am very interested at the cause of leukemia.

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Thank you so much for this really interesting article.  I have a hereditary condition called haemochromatosis which is essentially the opposite of anaemia - it means that my body takes up way too much iron.  For those who know about the numbers, normal ferritin levels are below 300 and mine regularly go close to 2 000!  This condition is managed by regular blood donations, which remove the excess iron ions.  Even though my doctor says there is no link between this condition and my subsequent diagnosis of CML, I have always wondered since these free radicals build up in the blood and can cause all sorts of unpleasant conditions.


I will show this article to my doctor at my next appointment!  Thank you again.


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Thanks for the article. I also have heard something about such correlation (long term high iron levels ending up in leukemia). I have a hereditary condition called beta thalassemia which reduces the haemoglobin level and somehow increases the ferritin level (not so high at the haemocromatosis level, ferritin level was 700 at the moment of CML dx - and it was classified as haemosiderosis). In my case, the iron adds up specially in spleen and liver. Regards

This is my interesting as recently diagnosed with cml . Seven years ago I was severely anemic and was put on various iron supplements that didn't work , so I was sent to st Thomas hospital to have iron infusions , big bags of it.