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Imatinib Sandoz vs Accord



I received Imatinib Accord from the pharmacy. I am not sure why. Normally I have the sandoz version. I can tolerate the sandoz version very well.

Does anyone have experience with the accord version ?


The side effects from Accord Imatinib were such that I raised a Yellow Card under the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) scheme. I suffered from quite severe stomach upsets. Sandoz was the best of the generics.

Otherwise, I have various side effects from imatinib generally. They all disappeared on the very day I was moved onto dasatinib.



Strange. I had my first dose Accord yesterday, bu no side effects.

I called the pharmacy why I received Accord instead of Sandoz.

They told me there were delivery problems, so it is intented that I will receive Sandoz again next time.

Patients on the various forums report different individual side-effects from the range of prescribed generics. Pharmacists believe that the differing reactions are caused by the excipients used. 

My consultant did not wish to point to any particular generic but left it for me to raise the matter with the pharmacist. I have to say that the oncology pharmacists were very supportive in providing a generic that was the least harmful. In my case, Sandoz was by far the best, but even then I was finally relieved when I was moved from imatinib to dasatinib

Last week I also had to vomit twice within half an hour of those accord pills. I have informed the pharmacy and they are going to find out what the problem is.