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Upper stomach pain ans spasam

Hello , I origanly went to the Gp because of stomach pain , very high up, and like a spasam or twisting feelin going on too, long story short I have cml

three weeks now of taking imatinib and still getting the pain and spasam , heat really helps , hot bath or hot water bottle and it goes , any ne else suffer this ? 


Hi sorry to hear of your diagnosis but you’re going to be fine.

If you have a large spleen then yes pain can originate there and will continue to be a little uncomfortable until the spleen returns to its normal size. Mine took about 6 weeks and it was massive the size of a rugby ball.

You will no doubt also get muscular skeletal pain from TKIs and is common. Yes the hot baths really helped me too.

All the best


Hi there

An enlarged spleen is also the symptom I went to my GP about before my CML diagnosis. White blood cell count at that point was a whopping 620 so I was prescribed Hydroxycarbomide, a chemotherapy drug for four weeks to stop the over production of white blood cells before switching to Imatinib. My spleen had already shrunk quite significantly before the end of the initial four weeks and the discomfort stopped then.

If your counts sound similar but you weren’t given the initial chemo (don’t panic, there was no hair loss) then maybe that’s a conversation to have with your consultant?

Sorry I can’t help with the pain as I’ve been really lucky and never had anything more than mild discomfort.

Best of luck on your journey :)