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About to start 100mg desatinib and worried about side effects, exercise and work!


Hi everyone,

I’m about to start 100mg of desatinib next week after a recent diagnosis. I am 38 and very into fitness and health. I workout almost daily (running and relatively intense fitness classes) so I’m really scared how this is going to impact me.


I also was diagnosed quite early and have low counts (sorry my exact numbers elude me right now). They were low enough that I was able to stay untreated for 6 months while I pursued egg freezing for a future pregnancy (hopefully) so after reading a lot of info and this forum I feel like starting on 50mg might be better to reduce side effects and allow me to keep training while still hopefully getting to the optimal levels.


Sorry, I know this is a lot of info about different things but I’d love any support, advice or experiences out there. I have this deep hope that I just pop the pill with my morning vitamins and I don’t even notice that I’m taking it. Does anyone actually have that experience where other than the routine of taking medication daily there is no real side effect or difference?

Thanks again all, I hope everyone is well!



Hi Lavinia ,scroll down to Switching from Imatinib to Sprycel under the name Felix ,that's me .It was my experience ,get back to me with any questions will be glad to try and help ,Denise.