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Hello Everyone,

As I am reading through all of the forum posts I am interested to hear about what supplements people are taking on a daily basis. I am taking a multivitamin and vitamin D3 (2,000 IU). Thank you! 

Hi, most of us take a cocktail I take .B12 ,D3 ,K2 ,Magnesium citrate ,Zinc ,Fish oil ,Turmeric with Black Pepper,Vit C,Selenium but that's for my thyroid so you might not need that .A multi vitamin isn't really any good because the amounts are not enough .I buy good quality ones I am in the UK so I only buy what's made here .Hope that helps ,Denise.

Denise - Would you recommend a good B12 supplement brand?

Hi Denise! Thank you! What amount of Turmeric? I saw a couple posts regarding Turmeric but didn't see amounts?

Hi,think everyone likes their own dose but mine are 600 mg 2 in the morning and 2 at night must have black pepper too, Good Luck with your journey ,Denise x.

Hi, Scuba hope you are well .Mine are from Nu U Nutrician ,Denise.

Hi, I am just on 3 years in ,on Dasatinib/Sprycel previously on Imatinib and undetected .If you have any questions I can help with  please ask ,Denise.