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MMR finally

Hey everyone,

I just wanted you all to know that I finally made MMR @0.072% after 2.5 years on 600mg Nilotinib.

To say this has been the hardest time of my life is a massive understatement but I am extremely happy and emotional with the result after having being stuck @0.1 for 1 year.

You all know the struggle, but the biggest take home I have learned from my journey thus far for any newcomer is these numbers do bob around. It's hard I know not to freak out over a "bad" result (small incline, decline, stuck/plateau etc) as I have done for the last 18months. It’s also important not to compare your results to anyone else you see on here. We each have our own journey but you can at least see a common trend between different responses. And I am very guilty of over catastrophizing these things as a sufferer of anxiety for many years.

With all that said without this forum and its members I would have been truly lost.

Thank you everyone and I wish you all continued success with your treatments.

Alex x

Hi Alex,

 I can see the grin on your face, which will be there all day, plus a small tipple later on, congratulations, and cheers!


Congratulations Alex!!!Really happy for you!



Many thanks Peter,

Lots of smiles and joy here today and I think I may be like this for a while.

Cheers to you.


Many thanks Vicky.

I wish you all the best with your journey too.

All the best


Wonderful news Alex. You must celebrate.

Thanks Roza. I certainly am/will πŸ™‚


Congratulations Alex! That is great news and worth celebrating. 

Thanks Ian. I am sure you will follow soon. I was beginning to loose hope, I expect you’ll have a considerable drop sooner than later too!

All the best mate


Many thanks An.

haha yes I love that saying.

All the best


Fantastic news Alex; don't you just love those zeros.

May you find many more of those in your blood results from now onsmiley.

Take care,


Thanks Pigeon,

I’ll be happy if I stay here forever but any decline is welcome πŸ€ͺ


Thanks mate, feels like an age but nice to finally be MMR. For those also waiting I am sure it’ll come.


Congratulations, Alex! This news put a smile on my face 😊


Thank you so much Koralia. I was beginning to think it mat never happen. And I am still smiling πŸ˜€

Alex - that's great! I am delighted for you. It must feel like a weight off your shoulders.


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