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CML and Kidney stones


Hi guys, I’m dealing with two kidney stones, too much pain! some of you maybe have this same problem before, could you let me know what did you take for this terrible pain without affecting the Imatinib function?  I am also in my 9 month of treatment. Thank you so much! 


I had 2 stones so far since my treatment, i’m on dasatinib. I don’t think its related to the treatment, at least in my case i had stones before my diagnosis too. 

It is indeed the worst pain i have ever felt, excruciating. No pain killer really helps (i never tried anything serious / prescription drug for it). Drink a lot to make it come out as fast as possible. Some times it takes a week or two... hang in there. 

You may try to buy one of those electric vibration massagers. When the stone gets stuck in your urethra the vibration can help to dislodge it. Speeds up the delivery. There are some articles around this online. 

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Thank you so much for your advice Thomas!