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Food items to include & exclude

Hi All,

I have couple of queries :

1) I have read about excluding grapefruit from diet. Is it something to do with Vitamin C

2) Does anyone has experience with wheatgrass, curcumin  & yoga 

3) Any recommendation for acne. Post one month, my wife is having painful acne. 

4) Our doctor asked us for a blood test after a month as the counts had returned to the normal range after one month on being Dasatinib , proactively we did  the blood test after 15 days and found that Hb has come down from 12.3 to 10.8. Does this needs to be monitored every 2 weeks.

What are the food items, fruits you recommend to take and what you recommend to exclude. 




Hi, foods to avoid as far as I know are Grapefruit,Pomegranate and Seville oranges they interact with TKI'S not sure how but I am sure one of our experts can help with that .A lot of us take Turmeric Curcumin with Black pepper ,I take 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner 600 mg each capsule and lots of other vitamin supplements vitamin d ,k2 etc..For painful acne maybe use a simple vitamin e cream rather than going down the steroid route .Hope this helps a bit .Denise.

Hi Felix, do you know if blackberries are ok to eat? 

Hi, yes fine no problems with blackberries .

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