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Covid vaccines and blood cancers

Hi All

Having got another letter dated Feb 15th telling me to shield until March 31st despite having had one jab, I am wondering if anyone on this site knows anything about the data for people with blood cancer as I believe the scientists were unsure if it works with us. On the 2nd page of this letter it states "Even if you have had both doses of the vaccine, you should continue to follow this shielding guidance as we continue to assess the impact of vaccination among all groups". This cannot refer to age as last night's evidence showed the elderly get high protection from the vaccine. I have heard that the Hammersmith is trying to recruit patients for bloods for this before and after the jab but they are finding it hard to synchronise the timing with clinic appointments.

I would love to be able to meet my 3 week old grandson asap!



Hi Chrissie,

I too got the letter and confused me somewhat. As far as I am concerned once I have had x2 jabs and rules permit it I’ll be carrying on as normal otherwise what’s the point in being inoculated for a disease which has between 1-4% mortality without inoculation.

Again I believe because we have “Leukaemia” rather than CML we are put into the same group as those with other blood cancers and fortunate for us this isn’t a traditional blood cancer thanks to TKI! So if you are responding to TKI and your BCR-ABL levels and blood panels are good I consider myself to be the same as the general population.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Al. My query is whether there is any proof that the vaccines work on us and I guess the only way to find out is antibody tests which, I assume, Hammersmith is doing. I agree they do lump all leukie patients together with lymphoma and myeloma .



No worries. Well because we are not immunosuppressed I’d imagine we have the same response as the general public but I don’t have any official documentation. I’d hope that to be the case otherwise not much point having the jab if it’s ineffective on us guys. I reckon that could be the case for those on some harsh cancer therapies such as chemo.



Is this instruction for everyone or only for cancer patients ??
From what I have understood, the same instruction is given here in Greece, someone who was vaccinated, must continue to be careful and follow the rules. What I just understand is that scientists do not know if someone who is vaccinated can transmit the virus to others if they come in contact with it.
I hope you understand what I mean and sorry for my English, it's terminology and just google it


Hi All

I spoke to my nurse specialist regarding the vaccine. She said that to definitely have the injections but instead of giving me upto 95% protection against Covid it would only be around 70%.  So having my first dose tomorrow. Hopefully no side effects.

Take care All

Denise x

I would be very surprised if they had any actual data on the effectiveness in us.  I am on the vaccine register as available for trials but i have never been called.

Also i was a participant in  a trial on the flu and pneumonia vaccine and immatinib about 15 years ago to see how the immune system responsed.  The result was that one gave a better result and one a slightly worse response than a "normal" person.  If the vaccine is based on a flu vaccine then i can't see why our response should be any different to anyone else.  Only time will give us an answer to that question.