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Started TFR

My hematologist recommended and I agreed to give TFR a go. Because of the speed with which I reached deep molecular remission on Imatinib and having stayed there for 2 years, she believes I have a 60-70% chance of it being successful. She said the odds of success for 2 years in DMR versus 3 years are negligible. I am filled with gratitude, humility, and hope. 

My current surveillance is every 4 weeks for the 1st 6 months. For those who maye be considering, I will be periodically sharing my experience. I also welcome comments from others who are also on this journey or tried it.

Great news, I wish you all the luck in the world for successful TFR. I'll be interested to hear how you get on as I hope to try sometime soon.

All the best ...sending positive vibes your way.

Good Luck and have fun in the process cool

Thanks for all your support and well wishes. Here is a brief update for those who are interested in TFR: 

This is my 16th day without taking 400 mg Imatinib. I cannot believe how well I feel. The 4 AM and early morning lower tract distress is gone. I used to live off of Pepto Bismol. No more. Now sleeping without taking melatonin. Head is much clearer. Joint pain is non-existence. Neuropathy in extemities is better. Eyesight is better. I recently got presecription reading glasses. No longer need them. My energy is almost fully back. No episodes of fatigue overwhelming me and having to lie down. 

Most importantly, it is freeing to not have to constantly organize my evening around my previous 9 PM Imatinib time. 

My first surveillance blood draw is on April 19th. It's a 10 day turnaround for PCR tests at Winship Cancer (Emory University Hospital) where I am treated. God, I hope this works! And I wish all of you well too!