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CML - Covid - TKI's may offer protection

Many on our forum are concerned having CML exposes you to a higher Covid risk.

Evidence is emerging the opposite may, in fact, be true:

Case Study Shows Potential Protective Effect of TKI Therapy for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

"In this study, rates of intensive care or mechanical ventilation for patients with CML receiving a TKI trended lower, in a nonsignificant fashion, than in matched controls. Hospital stays similarly showed a trend of being shorter among the patients with CML, and the case fatality rate was lower in the patients with CML."

Covid kills by over-inflaming respiratory immune response (patient drowns/hypoxia). TKI's are known to be mild immune suppressors in preventing excessive immune response). This may be the reason why Covid infection doesn't lead to a bad outcome for those CML patients undergoing TKI treatment.

Of course - keeping your vitamin D level between 50-100 ng/ml will go a long way to keeping your immune system properly regulated and ready - namely ready to fight disease while not overdoing it and leading to run away inflammation.