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If I change my TKI brand, is it any issue for my blood count?

Since January 2017 I am taking Imatinib ( Veenat 400), brand name- Natco. Now if I want to change my Imatinib brand, that's name Imatinib (Imat 400) brand name- Zydus. Is it any large issue for me? Or any harmful for my blood count? Please suggest me. Thank you

As far as I am aware Generic Imatinib is the same ingredient (patent) so you should have zero changes in terms of response. But I had seen some people get other side effects when switching between generic brands of Imatinib. Maybe that’s due to different fillers and ingredients. But I could be wrong.

Imantanib works no matter the brand.

I took veenat for a while in Asia and experienced more frequent nausea after taking my dose (i get nausea sometimes on my regular sandoz imatanib)

Some docs will tell you that there can't possibly be a difference in side effects with different manufacturers but it wasn't what i experienced

Indeed, there are doctors who considers that the patient complaints are psychological. I suffered quite badly from taking Accord imatinib