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Increased skin sensitivity to the sun

Hi, has anyone else experienced increased skin sensitivity to the sun on Sprycel

I've somehow managed to catch the sun on my face and neck twice in two days, in 15 degrees celsius in the north of England.


Hi Phil,

A number of the tkis have issues of sun sensitivity so it is well to cover up certain parts of the head/face such as the nose with Factor 30 or 50 sun cream and/ or a wide brimmed hat.I use "Sun Sense daily face" factor 50 that is actually made in Australia but readily available on Amazon for instance.I am a long term user of imatinib and I think the issue of sun sensitivity appears as a risk in the product literature or it did in the past.Something called hypo- pigmentation arises from heavy exposure to the sun whilst on some tkis and this can lead to dark patches appearing on the skin.With sunscreens there is a starring system that indicates the level of protection from UVA and UVB so I suggest to  look very carefully on the tube or packaging as some brands offer little protection even though they say factor 30 or 50 etc.

It is interesting and rather unusual to consider perhaps that, in some cases of advanced melanoma of the skin with a c-Kit mutation imatinib is used as therapy.

Apparently the sun in UK at the moment even with rather low temperatures is a substantial risk from strong UV rays for some exposed skins.Some years ago I had the beginnings of something worrying on my nose and the dermatologist/skin cancer specialist advised me to use factor 50 sunscreen or there would be a need to cut out a section so I rigidly comply .

However especially as temperatures warm up it is a good time to bare off and get some valuable Vitamin D but as a former GP said to me take in lots of sun but don't get skin cancer!

I hope that this helps



Yip i burn easier, ive more freckles now then ever and some of those dark patches john mentioned have arrived.

I do my best to cover up completely but I'm outdoorsy and i live in year round sun. It should be easier to avoid burning in the uk ;)

Does anyone know why I can not tan or burn at all on Sprycel? I live in South Florida. It’s so weird to me! I am so pale. Labs normal.

TKIs in general affect melanocyte production.  Makes it very hard to get a tan at all, or an even tan.  But we all have to give up "getting a tan" anyway, because of what we know about skin cancer.  Sigh.