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How do you read your BCR test/transcript?


Doctor ordered a BCR ALB1 Tests and it has examples of

B2A2 Transcript

B3A2 Transcript

Do you all know how to Interpret the results? for instance, it gives me a percentage by each transcript.



Sounds like normal CML. Here's what my report said at diagnosis: "p210 transcript b3a2 and b2a2 118.683% IS (88.57%), p190 transcript e1a2 0.01%"

My report didn't separate the b3a2 and b2a2.  I guess they just added them together.


Here's something I found at

Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is characterized by the presence of BCR-ABL1 fusion gene. In over 95% of CML patients, the typical BCR-ABL1 transcript subtypes are e13a2 (b2a2), e14a2 (b3a2) or expression of both simultaneously. Other less frequent transcript subtypes, such as e1a2, e2a2, e6a2, e19a2, e1a3, e13a3 and e14a3, have been sporadically reported. Different subtypes of BCR-ABL1 transcripts encode fusion proteins with different sizes that may lead to different disease phenotypes. The e13a2 and e14a2 transcripts encode P210 BCR-ABL1 proteins with slightly different sizes. Patients with the e14a2 transcript have a significantly higher platelet count than those with the e13a2 transcript.