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Hi to you all i have been on imatinib for four years . Initially had episodes of leg cramps overtime these became less frequent however they seem to be back  more often any advice would be appreciated thanks


I’ve been on imatinib for 6 years and I do find leg cramps and even hand cramps quite common but they are much worse on days when I haven’t had enough water.  I find I need to drink a lot more water to stay at my best and even reduce evening leg and puffy eye water retention.  Plus, when I drink lots of water (at least 2 litres/day) the leg cramps pretty much go away.  It’s worth a shot to see if increasing your water intake might help.

I used to get all sorts of weird cramps (fingers, toes, back, boob!!) , Two things help:
200mg magnesium daily
Light weight training of all muscle groups

Go easy with the weights at.first as you may experience more cramps but after a few weeks you should find they decrease significantly

Hi i would like to say thanks to all who replied to my post its just nice to know i am not the only one

thanks Vonnie

I had painful daily cramps on imatinib.

The very day I stopped using imatinib and started using dasatinib, the cramps went away never to return.

The curious thing is that I did get occasional cramps for many years before starting imatinib, but these also disappeared on starting dasatinib. I am now a crampless person.