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Buscopan and Imatinib

Hi all. I'd like some advice please. I suffer with IBS and am wondering if I can take buscopan with my Imatinib. Any advise would be gratefully received. TIA.




I don't think it is advisable to take Buscopan at the same time as imatinib. You should leave at least 2 hours between the two.


Hi Vonnie,

Just a few comments .Imatinib in some patients expresses the well known side effect of gastro-intestinal irritation and in the product literature this is listed.As a long term user of imatinib of over 15 years I mentioned to my CML  consultant about my condition in polite terms of" faecal looseness"-he had no remedies to offer.

I have read that  imatinib after being rapidly made bio available into the bloodstream is processed first by the liver but then dominantly  excreted via faeces and to a minimal extent through urine so it is perhaps no surprise that it can lead to irritation of the colon/intestines. I dont know if your IBS is imatinib related or is otherwise?

Buscopan seems to be used to relieve intestinal cramps (but does not cure it) and is used to relieve period pains;I used it a long time ago just prior to dx of CML for indigestion.Little did I know that my indigestion was the swollen spleen impacting on the stomach!

A while ago I had some radiation therapy as an implant into my prostate and despite the use of a protecting spacer some stray rays seem to have impacted on my colon/bowel to lead to irritation which in real terms means sometimes you have to go very quickly;my urologist suggested to use Normacol which is like a fibre husk which is taken with cereal in the morning and then regularises the formation of stools etc.Alternatives are psylium husks which is very high fibre and /or just a total evaluation of the foods one eats and ones diet.Some foods I find set things off.

I make no apologies for my consideration of what some might find as sensitive issues but your medical professional would talk to you in these terms.

IBS can affect ones day to day living seriously .Perhaps one might think about the more natural solutions as opposed to prescription drugs.

Just a thought.



Hi John. Thank you very much for your very informative reply. I have given it some thought after writing on here and have decided against Buscopan as I believe it would be of little use to me. However you mentioned Normacol and when first diagnosed with IBS, my GP prescribed this to me   initially with good effect. However I discontinued this some years ago. I maybe will give it a go again. Once again many thanks.