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Adding fermented foods to diet improves inflammation markers

Our ancestors ate off the land in the same way animals around us currently do. Our ancestral food was laden with bacteria and often spoiled to one degree or another. Diets in some cultures continue to include "spoiled" food such as yogurt (the real kind), Natto and sauerkraut. Eating fermented foods is proving to be a very important way to reduce inflammation markers in our bodies including respiratory inflammation, as well as improve immune function. Sanitizing our world may, at times, fight against us in avoiding disease:

As you treat your CML, consider eating fermented foods to help your TKI get you to deep molecular remission.


Hi Scuba,

I am a convert to what you have related.Sauerkraut and kimchi are not only beneficial because they are fermented but also because they are cruciferous/brassicas or in other words comprising of cabbage.

In itself cabbage even which has not been fermented contains lots of Vit K and vit C as well as

antioxidants-choline,beta-carotene,lutein and zeaxanthin

flavenoids-kaempferol,quercetin and apigenin.

Kale and all other leafy greens will have similar benefits.

In terms of fermented foods cheese that is in semi fermented form will have similar benefits;yoghurt should be live and natural and perhaps in the form of keffir.

On a lighter note the pigeons in my vegetable garden are very keen on my brassicas so they have to be netted to protect them.